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Product Questions

Technical Questions - Security

Does the Dummy Solar Alarm Bell Box flash during the day?

Why doesn’t the light flash on my Dummy Solar Alarm/Camera?

How do I change from alarm mode to chime mode on my Remote Controlled PIR Alarm?

Do you have a manual for my alarm?

How is the alarm and magnet secured onto the door or window?

Does the light on my Dummy Solar Security Camera stay on permanently, day and night?

Where is the `learn’ button to sync the remote to my PIR alarm?

How long does the Window Shock Sensing Alarm sound for when set off?

How do I remove the black film from the battery in the remote of my Wireless Door Bell?

How do I insert the batteries into my Large Dummy Security Camera?

Technical Questions - Brackets

How can I adjust the height of the Counterbalance Swing Arm Bracket?

Does my wall bracket come with wall fixings?